Friday, December 2, 2016

Gynecomastia is a disorder of the breast which is cured with Nolvadex

Gynecomastia is a disorder of the breast, which is observed in representatives of a strong half of mankind. This disease is characterized by unilateral or bilateral increase in size of the mammary glands. This occurs due to the hypertrophy of adipose or glandular tissue. While feeling of these areas men most commonly complain of pain. In addition, they feel in this area and a feeling of heaviness.
Do note that sometimes this pathological condition tend to disappear on their own, however, it is noted it is not always. If drug treatment is ineffective, then a man appointed surgery. In fact, prolonged lack of proper treatment can provoke malignant tumors in this area, so leave this fact without attention in any case impossible.

The diameter of the mammary gland during the development of this pathological condition can vary from two to ten centimeters. Most often it reaches four centimeters. According to statistics, to date, this disease occurs in fifty to seventy percent of cases among adolescents, ages thirteen – fourteen, forty percent of the cases in younger men, and sixty to seventy percent of cases in men aged. Gynecomastia causes in men as psychological difficulties and physical discomfort.

Modern specialists differentiate two forms of this pathological condition, namely false and true gynecomastia. If to speak about the true form, it is accompanied by obvious hypertrophy of stroma and glandular tissue. In case of false gynecomastia is to blame significant deposition of adipose tissue, which contributes to an increase of the mammary glands. About the form of this pathological state is one of the signs of obesity.

The reasons for the development of gynecomastia abound. Among the most common of them can be attributed as a violation of the ratio of testosterone and estrogen, and a variety of diseases of metabolic processes, liver cirrhosis, inflammatory processes in the ovary region, HIV infection, tumors of the stomach, lungs, and the like. To identify this pathology, the patient should be in the first place to go for expert advice. He will examine the patient and prescribe the required number of surveys.

As for the treatment of this disease, in this case, everything depends on the form of this disease. If gynecomastia is the result of excessive estrogen level in the body of the patient, then the doctors prescribed special hormonal drugs. One such medicine is Nolvadex. The Nolvadex tend to suppress the overall level of estrogen, thereby restoring the natural appearance of the mammary glands of men. Do note that the treatment with Nolvadex in all cases is very long. As this drug tend to provoke the development of various side effects during treatment is very important so that men can more closely monitor any changes in your body.

Men in most cases come for help to mammologist with gynecomastia. It specialist you can get quality information about this pathological condition. This disease is very much it undermines the psyche of man, as to walk with large Breasts is very embarrassing. Usually the doctor in such cases prescribes a course of therapy Nolvadex